Of Course yes! Besides our ready-made products, you can use  Stevia’s extracts for sweetening hot and cold beverages, yogurt, salads and cereals. You can also use them for oven recipes, cakes, pies or other preparations. We suggest you to have a look at our delicious recipes available in the corresponding section of the site.
Yes, actually stevia does not cause any effect on insulin needs and does not increase glucose levels in blood. GI is equivalent to ZERO. If necessary please ask your doctor.
Current studies have demonstrated that there are no negative effects in children growth. All products are naturally obtained from Stevia’s leaves. The Reba is not absorbed by human body and is naturally eliminated  so everybody can take it, even children.
Researches have shown that there are no effects from the use of Stevia in  pregnancy and lactation periods.
Absolutely no. Stevia, in contrast, contributes to a better oral hygiene.

No allergens are found on Stevia extracts. For packaged products please carefully read the label.

Yes, most of Stevia’s products are Gluten Free. In any case please carefully read the label.

Of course. Most of our produtcs are VEGAN – In any case please carefully read the label.

NB: Mind that we are not able to provide medical informations. Your organism has certain needs at different stages of life. If necessary you should contact your doctor.